Exit Reality provides premium turnkey infrastructure that delivers VR content to arcades, FECs, amusement parks, and events.

Theme Park in a box


  • Endless options of single & multiplayer games and experiences. Select the best content for your target demographic and boost your ROI.
  • Guests can team up to play against each other in Tournament-Mode.
  • Custom Branding and LED Lighting draw players in. Easily re-skin your X Pod with fabric & vinyl wraps.
  • Control is made simple with touch screen technology.
  • Designed with soft interior panels for safety, cord management, and a locker to store bags and items during play.
  • Safety, quality, and reliability guaranteed.
  • Our customer support team is ready to help with tech-support, content selection, and all things VR.
  • Call to learn more: (415) 391-7500
  • Made in the USA.